About Us

Who We Are

MEDICLEAR is an Australian Owned company dedicated to giving Australia and the World the safest and highest quality products. Our Aim is to not only provide your business with the products you need to keep your doors open, but also to provide a product range that is safe to use in your homes. 
We, like a lot of our fellow Australians, have seen the Sanitation market become flooded with options. New pop sanitations companies are everywhere, both at home and internationally. But with so many products to choose from, why is there so little information being provided? A majority of the products we see out there are being marketed and sold with unknown ingredients.
Our Mission started when we began to examine how few high quality products were on the market, and how little information was being provided to the consumer about what they were using. We believe what you use everyday, in your home or your business, should be CLEAR to you. We knew we needed to do something to help keep our nation safe from both harmful viruses and the everyday germs at play, and we wanted to do that not only effectively, but honestly.
MEDICLEAR aimed to provide an Australian Owned and Made product range that gives the consumer the highest grade and quality product. We offer all of our products in a 5lt, 25lt refill option to minimize the single use plastic, which allows for a competitive bulk purchase price on refills.
The Team at MEDICLEAR works around the clock to make sure that all Our Products tested and approved so that we always supply safe-to-use products for around both your homes and businesses.