SC Times Article - Local company killing COVID and supporting mental health

Local company killing COVID and supporting mental health

Surf Coast Times article by Kylie Oliver | Original article posted online on August 31, 2021

A Torquay-based company has launched a biodegradable cleaning product which is proven to attack and kill the COVID-19 virus and other bacteria.

Surface Defence has been developed locally by Mediclear and is a hospital-grade disinfectant, for use in homes and businesses, which is nonhazardous and packaged in recyclable containers.

Co-owner Josh Paull said Surface Defence had been a year in the making and was a fifth-generation quat (quaternary ammonium compounds) based formula designed for use on a wide range of surfaces and with the ability to kill the COVID virus where it lands within 10 minutes.

“We have developed this product to help keep doors open – protecting jobs, employees and customers, to stop COVID in its tracks, and to keep our businesses up and running,” Mr Paull said.

“We’re proud to say that this product is not only Australian made – all here in Victoria – but is also biodegradable and packaged in recyclable containers.

“The solution has been developed and packed in Torquay, using the highest quality ingredients and materials.”

Mr Paull said Mediclear Surface Defence was low in toxicity and corrosivity, making it user-friendly and suitable for use by the general public.

He said the idea for developing the product was initially to create a safer cleaning product for staff working for his commercial and domestic cleaning businesses.

“We were using all these products that were harming our staff, they were not good for the skin and weren’t doing the job we wanted them to do,” Mr Paull explained.

“We decided to see if we could branch out and make our own. COVID came through and that catapulted us a little bit in that the chemical engineer we were working alongside said ‘we’ve made these products we are now really happy with, we should have them tested to see if they do kill the virus’.”

Mr Paull said Surface Defence was now on the ARTG as a Hospital Grade Disinfectant that kills the COVID-19 virus and other germs, as well as a wide range of other nasties including golden staph and salmonella.

“This is by far a superior product compared to what we were using. We’ve been really happy with it and so have our clients.”

Companies including Anytime Fitness gyms are already using the product, with more large businesses coming on board as word spreads.

Surface Defence comes in 750ml spray bottles and five-litre refill bulk containers.

Mediclear is donating five per cent of profits from all online sales to the One in Five mental health organisation.

“Business closures and government shutdowns have all caused great stress, especially to small businesses. As a company, we are committed to providing environmentally friendly products and supporting the mental health of Australians through clean and hygienic spaces in the workplace and at home,” Mr Paull said.

Mediclear sells a range of products and there are plans to open a Torquay shopfront this year at the company’s factory in Cylinders Drive.