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Mediclear Frontline protects you for unto 24hr with its Microscopic layer of protection- making It ideal for all none porous surfaces around your gym, restaurant or even your home.

This makes Frontline your one stop shop for banishing killer micro-organisms for good!  Mediclear Frontline is a Hospital grade hard surface disinfectant    with powerful cleaning properties for all you cleaning needs!

Using the dilution table found on ALL Frontline products, you will see that you can use this product across all areas of your business or home. From Glass, Floors, or even Gym equipment we have formulated this product so that it will not damage your surfaces like some of the Alcohol-based products on the market.

Using one of the oldest and best forms of germ killer, Mediclear Frontline is a 5th Generation Quat based cleaning product— proven to be the only cleaning formula that breaks down both the protein and lipid layer of viral envelopes,

So what is a Quat? And why is it superior? – The oldest and the best form of cleaning and sanitation formula, Quats are positively charged ions. They attack microbes by binding to them, pulling them apart and eating away at them, destroying germs in less than 10 minutes.

Quat-based products like Frontline are the only truly effective way of cleaning and sanitising, as inferior formulas are not effective in breaking down and destroying microbes in their entirety. The best part? Frontline is non-hazardous to you when diluted following the dilution table shown on the label, far less toxic and corrosive than many alternatives, and best of all…proudly 100% Australian Owned and Made.

4 in stock

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