Why Quat-based products are the best for killing viruses

Although some viruses are harmless, others can be a real challenge if not properly dealt with – and the COVID-19 pandemic has made this clear. 

A lot of methods are utilized when it comes to battling viruses and disinfecting surfaces. Although the most common method is the use of anti-viral chemicals, quat-based products pack more of a punch which ranks them higher than other disinfectants. Before we move on, it is important to know what quat products are.

What are Quat-based products?

Quats, also known as quaternary ammonium compounds, are disinfectant chemicals found in disinfectant sprays, wipes, and other home-purposed cleaners designed for germ elimination. Just think of quats as added weapons on a highly-trained soldier. 

Now that we have a fair idea of what these babies are, it brings us to the main question; what makes them the best for killing viruses?

1. Safety of the Cleaning Crew

Not much will be gained if the people responsible for disinfecting the surfaces in an environment develop an adverse health effect due to the compounds present in regular disinfectants. Using quat-based disinfectants protects the cleaning crew and keeps them safe from chemicals that affect their overall well-being.

2. Easy Cleaning

When it comes to battling viruses, the ease of disinfection is just as important as the effectiveness of that disinfection. Using quat-based products makes cleaning easier by eliminating the need to measure and mix different chemicals before use.

3. Ease of Storage

Quat-based products can be stored at room temperature an, unlike other disinfectants, do not have strict storage requirements. They can be kept in a cupboard, on a shelf, and even on a table as long as they are out of reach of children. 

4. Wood Preservation

Most people have to worry about wood damage when it has to do with cleaning using disinfectants. Because of this, they try avoiding wood surfaces which keeps some places disinfected and other places infected. Using quat-based products eliminates the challenge of having to protect wood surfaces.

Quat-based disinfectants also come with other advantages, like:

  • They don’t generally cause skin irritation.
  • They do not cause problems with breathing.
  • They do not discolor surfaces.

It has also been researched and proven that most facilities prefer using quat-based products mainly because it gets rid of the process of chemical mixing. 

Although quat-based products have some generic advantages when it comes to battling viruses, they also have one main functional advantage which is their effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus.

The Effectiveness of Quat-based Products against SARS-Cov-2 

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus is the virus responsible for the outbreak of the pandemic and it forms the basic structure of the coronavirus. Unlike quat-based products, other disinfectants cannot destroy the coating of this virus, hence the virus itself because of its components which include; alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (ADBAC), dodecyl didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (DDAC), and benzalkonium chloride (BAC) just to mention a few. These compounds have different structures that bind with the outer coating of the virus, slowly breaking it down.

Most other disinfectants either do this slowly or end up not being effective at all. 

When it comes to toxicology, stability, lack of odor, and surface friendliness, quat-based disinfectants are the best way to go.